How to do Chrome Nails

Chrome became a big trend awhile ago and there’s no sign of it stopping. From chrome to holo nails, and metallic to mermaid manicures, unique pigment powders and flakes add a unique look to the nails!

How to do Chrome Nails:

Prep the nail.
Apply a thin layer of black gel colour and cure for 30 seconds in an LED lamp. Repeat if ncessary with a second coat for a full coverage.
Apply a thin layer of our tackless top coat and cure for 30 seconds in an LED lamp.
Lightly pick up a small amount of chrome pigment Using an eye shadow or silicone brush. A little goes a long way! Using firm pressure, apply directly to the top coat all over. To smooth out the pigment and reveal the mirror effect you must burnish (rub product in using a circular motion) the pigment to the nail.
Finish the nails by applying 1-2 thin coats of our tackless top coat. I have a special bottle I use for chromes so that I don’t contaminate my regular bottle with tiny specs of chrome 🙂

Now obviously you don’t have to use black as your base colour, but it’s always a good idea to swatch on black first so you can best see the true version of the colour . It’s a lot of fun experimenting with base colours. You can turn an edgy punky metalic chameleon colour on black into a delicate stunning beautiful mermaid or unicorn effect on white!

(Blue/Purple Chameleon Pigment Powder)

Here is an example of a Holographic Chrome Pigment on black verus pink.

As you can see a black base versus a white base totally alters the look. So have fun a do some swatching! We have black display tips for sale exactly for this purpose 🙂