This light weight soft gel extension is
designed for instantaneous results. No odor, no dust, no sculpting - perfect extensions in half the time. Removal is requred for each Set. How much decorating shall we do?!

One Colour Gel Sets

Short-Long $65
Xtra Long $75
XXXtra Long $85


Accent Art Sets

Includes Glitter Fade Full Sets
(or 1/2 Set of Level 1 Art)

Short-Long $75
Xtra Long $85
XXXtra Long $100


*Level 1 Nail Art $2/Nail*

Foil, Mermaid Glitter, Chrome, Gold Flake, Stamps, Decals, Holo Glitter, Marble, Metal Shapes & Studs etc.
Simple Hand Painted Art: Polka Dots, Flowers, Lines, Hearts, Animal Print


Level 1 Gel Art Sets

Short-Long $85
Xtra Long $95
XXXtra Long $111

*Level 2 Nail Art $3/Nail*

French Tips, Ombre Colours, Galaxy & Sky Nails, Encapsulations, 3D Art & Inlays, Pixies, Nail Jewels.
Abstract Hand Painted Art: TyeDye, Colour Blending, Marble Gel, 70's Swirls, Logos


Level 2 Gel Art Sets

Short-Long $95
Xtra Long $105
XXXtra Long $115

Swarovski Crystals 25c/ea


This sturdy, durable acrylic enhancement is custom made and designed per request. Prices are based on length and shape and whether or not the previous permanemt design needs to be taken down or just maintained.


Natural Acrylic Fill 
$55   45mins

Refill on growth only with natural colour

Acrylic Fill   $60   60mins

Refill on growth only with any colour
Length adjusting on square only

Fill with Gel Polish   $70   75mins

Gel or Acrylic refill on growth only with minor length & shape adjusting
Application of any desired gel colours.

*Additional external Art priced per Nail*


Permanent Acrylic Art Changes

Short & Natural
                        $70            60+mins
Simple Art Short-Long              $80-90      80+ mins
Long Intricate Art Sets               $100           2+ hours

Removal of preveious permanent design with unlimited colour and encased glitter choices. This is a permanent nail that can be filled next time.


New Acrylic Sets 

New Sculpted Acrylic Set on bare nails which includes any custom encapsulated design. This is a permanent acrylic nail design until removed. It can be filled next time!
Includes a matte or glossy finish

Overlay                      $70       70+mins
Simple & Natural         $90     90+ mins
Medium - Long              $120    2+ hours

*Additional external Art priced per Nail*

Removal with New Set $10

Please book a removal if you are coming in with Nails on.

Acrylic Removal $25
Gel Removal    $20

Taking a break from nails? Have your nails properly removed to avoid damage.


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