Acrylic Art

Acrylic Art Service includes a partial removal of the previous acrylic nail design. Acrylic nails specialize in the inlaying of art while the nail is being created. With over 500 custom made acrylic colours and a never ending supply of raw glitter included, the design options are truly endless. Acrylic art includes any mash up of inlayed colours and glitters. The art gets encased into the nail while being made. Price is based on nail shape and lengths for Acrylic Art Changes.



Acrylic Fills

Simple Acrylic nail design options are available which includes filling in just the growth. Removal of previous design is not required which saves time and effort. The previous design remains the same and the growth revealing the natural nail gets "filled" in with any  choice of colour or glitter. This keeps the previous design the same or slightly different depending on colour choice. Additional externail art choices are also an option to make the design something complately new.

Acrylic Fill w/ Polish

Another way to simplify an Acrylic Nail Design is to fill the nail with acrylic and complete the nail design with a Gel Colour.  This is another great way to achieve a gel art design but still maintain the base acrylic nail. The art is executed on top of the finished acrylic nail. Price is based on Gel Art Design, while saving on not removing the previous acrylic nail design. This is most commonly used for clients who maintain a natural looking acrylic nail with a pop of colour every once in awhile. However if your're in the mood for a lovely dark look or a matte nail desin, then this is also a great option.


New Overlay Set


The results

New Acrylic Sets

If your are starting out with natural nails and want instant length, I now recommend Gel X. However if you want to stick with acrylic there are a few methods to acheive a new acrylic nail. If you want to start out slowly, or don't plan to go much longer than a natural nail then a simple overlay can be done until your nails grow out to the desired length. No length is added and the acrylic nail is designed and made right on top of your natural nail. As your nail grows out, so will the acrylic enhancement. Eventually you can obtain your desired length through time.

If you want an acrylic nail that is longer than your natural nail, a nail form will be customized and fitted just beneath the free edge of your natural nail. The acrylic will then be added to the form giving you the desired length and shape. The design will then be customized according to client's request. Final filing and shaping is done to finish off the acrylic nail

Sculpted Acrylic Set



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It's all about understanding the difference

Sometimes clients don’t know the difference between acrylics, liquid and powder, dip, soft gels, hard gels, or gel-acrylic hybrids. As professionals it’s up to us to educate them and explain it in a way for them to know the difference in the future.  More often than it should be, clients come in saying they have acrylic when indeed they have gel. Or vise versa! Many people think acrylic nail enhancements are bad for your nails. This just simply is not true.

Is this durable Acrylic Nail Enhancement Service right for you?

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