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I now have online booking!
Please use the program to book your future appointments. It will allow you to book 30 days in advance.
My online booking program will send out a confirmation text 2 days before your appointment. Please confirm you will be there.
I suggest booking an appointment sooner than later. If you need to change your appointment, I kindly ask that you give me a couple days notice so that I have time to re book it and not miss out on my chance to work. The best way to book or change your appointments is through the confirmation text link.
I require a 35+ hour (more than just the day before your apt) notice for a cancellation and/or appointment changes. Last minute cancellation/changes will result in a $30 fee required before your next appointment.

-No shows will not be tolerated-
(I understand "life happens" so if it was a glitch and you'd like to continue being my client, there will be a $50 no show fee)
If you message me 10 minutes before your appointment needing to cancel due to a good reason, there will be a $30 last min cancellation when you've previously confirmed. If you are 15mins late I reserve the right to cancel your appointment if I have not heard from you and you will owe me a $30 cancelation fee if you'd like to continue to book in

Upon booking your first appointment I will require a non refundable $30 deposit. THIS WILL BE PUT TOWARDS YOUR FIRST SERVICE. I require this deposit for same day bookings as well. Failure to give proper cancellation/apt change notice (35+ hours) will result in your $30 deposit being used for the $30 fee and will not be returned to you. For your deposit I accept eTransfers. Please send the deposit after reading through my policies. Thank you for understanding.
(eTransfer: [email protected] )

** I accept Cash  and etransfer**
I have a detailed price list under my "Services" tab,
any Questions, please feel free to send me a message.
I am set up for auto deposit etransfers. Please send me the payment sometime the same day. Failure to do so will result in cash only next time.

Most clients go 3 -6 weeks in between fills.
Your nails are an investment and you need to take care of them. When your nails grow out, so does the reinforcement I build. Your nails are more likely to break if you wait too long. Everyone is different in how long they can go in between services. Lifestyle, length, growth rate, shape etc all play a part. I can let you know how long you can go.

I am trying to keep service times from 60-90 minutes. A New Gel Set with one colour is around an hour. If we add some accent art it takes 15 mins up to an hour depending on design. I generally don't block off extra time for art so art choice will be  limited based on the amount of time that you have booked.  If you are concerned about options I recommend sending me a few inspo pics so that you are not disappointed. New Gel sets require a nail removal with each service so please book accordingly as they are not included. Acrylic removal /take down is  included in the service.

I am now booking back to back clients again.
I ask that you do not arrive early to reduced crowding in the studio until further notice. If you are early, GREAT! Please call or text me letting me know you are here. I will let you know when everything is clean and I am ready.
If the universe is against you and has caused you to be run late, please let me know you're running behind with as much notice as you can. Please don't message me 5 minutes before your appointment telling me you're 20 minutes late.
If scheduling is an ongoing issue, please understand that our relationship probably will not work out in the future as my flexibility is not what it used to be.

Please do not park in or in front of my driveway or my neighbours. Please be aware the patio deck is slippery when wet in the winter months!

Please be advised that I have a very friendly Studio dog. I ask that you do not knock on the nail room door. Please, just walk in.
Please don't acknowledge her until she is calm. We are working on eliminating barking!

If my policies are too much for you or you have any concerns, I understand please just let me know.

Thank you very much!
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More Information

Gel X


What is a Gel X Service?

Gel-X extensions have the malleability of a soft gel polish and the length of an acrylic nail. The extension is applied directly on top of your full natural nail and can be worn up to 6 weeks.
Gel X nails comes with various length and sizes you can pick from including short, medium, long, stiletto, coffin, round, or square shapes. And what’s super awesome, is that you can easily switch up the length and shape each appointment! Watch the video

Shapes & Lengths

gelx-tips shapes


How long does a Gel X Nail last?

Gel-X nails will quickly win you over with how long they can last! These nails can go up to 3-6 weeks without any lifting. You will probably only notice the growth at the base of your nail after wearing the extensions for over 2 weeks! Clients love how light and natural they feel over an acrylic nail.


How does the Gel service differ from Acrylic?

Gel X services include a brand new gel nail each time. A removal is required either by booking one or removing them yourself at home with acetone. The New Set Service includes application of a new Gel Nail with a choice of a solid or glitter gel colour. We have over 380 gel colours to choose from. The service is designed where the art is applied after the nail is finished. Therefore any choice of art is an addition to the included colour. Art is priced per nail and includes the following categories: Chrome, Marble, Flakes, Glitter (raw), Hand Painting, Embellishments etc. Art is priced $2-5 per nail depending on required product and technique.
See various add on art options Here. See how this service differs from Acrylic Here 15171219_1135691713211241_6805096395244942682_n

Are Gel-X extensions safe?

With any nail service there’s a possibility of damage to your natural nail. From our experience we feel that the risk of a natural nail injury while rocking a Gel X Nail is significantly reduced when switching from a hard acrylic to a soft Gel! We haven’t seen any damage caused from Gel X Nails, however if you pick off your extensions you most definitely will cause damage to your natural nails. Please ensure proper removal is always being done.

The results

How are Gel-X extensions removed?

Gel X Nails are made of Gel, specifically a soak off Gel.  First remove any length. The top coat (and potentially the colour) needs to be filed off prior to soaking the rest of the tips.  *To minimize damage, you should seek a professional for proper removal of your extensions* however if you have to remove them yourself it can be done with a file and acetone. Whatever you do, don’t rip off your tips. Doing so can cause damage and weaken the natural nail underneath. We personally use a steam off technique so that you don’t actually submerge your fingers in acetone. We place your fingers into a machine that steams the acetone which basically causes the Gel to dissolve into a gummy like nail that can then be lightly scraped or filed off. Once removed, a new Gel X Nail is then applied and is instantly ready to be decorated! How exciting?!


Amy is amazing! My nails look fabulous! New set each time and she’s very talented!!! Any kind of design and the prices are so fair! Thank you Amy for doing such an amazing job!

Screenshot_20220128-192002_Maps Genevieve Flanagan

Amy is absolutely the best in the business! She is professional and does absolutely stunning nails! Her creativity and artwork are beyond anything anywhere else and she is meticulous and easy to talk to and she will try any design you like! One of the things I love the most is her determination to keep up with changing trends in the business and always being the first to try something new and creative. I have had nails for 25 years and these are by far the best! Enjoy every visit with her!


Penny Stone

Want to Try A Gel X Service?

Book a time to suit your schedule

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This light weight soft gel extension is designed for instantaneous results. No odor, no dust, no sculpting – perfect extensions in half the time.
Previous nail removal is included for each new set if required.

One Colour Gel Sets

Short $80
Medium-Long $85
Xtra Long $90
XXXtra Long $100 20211022_082103 IMG_20220111_204700_541 20210219_141932 266583025_444717500366381_5252965897150133370_n

Mix n Match Colours

IMG_20210730_012713_349 IMG_20210912_114618_022

Simple Nail Art 

Foils, Gold Flake, Stamps, Iridescent Flakes, Unicorn Glitter Chrome, Decals, Marble, Water Colour, Cat Eye, Reflective Glitter, Gitter Fades etc
Simple Hand Painted Art: Polka Dots, Clouds, Flowers, Lines, V French, Hearts, Leopard/Cow/Zebra Print

Simple Nail Art

Includes Simple Nail Art. Priced per nail.
1-2          $5
3-5           $10
6-7           $15
8-10         $20 IMG_20210814_152435_227 IMG_20201130_075945_219 IMG_20211011_161411_241

Simple Art Sets

Short $100
Medium-Long $105
Xtra Long $110
XXXtra Long $120 IMG_20220312_204447_636 IMG_20220130_191451_814 IMG_20211229_102146_717

Advanced Nail Art 

French Tips, Ombre Colours, Galaxy & Intricate Sky Nails, Mirror Chrome, Glitter, Tortoise, Encapsulations, 3D Art & Inlays, Pixies, Metal Shapes & Studs, Nail Jewels etc.
Abstract Hand Painted Art: TyeDye, Layered Techniques, Colour Blending, 70’s Swirls, Logos

Advanced Nail Art

Includes Advanced Nail Art. Priced per nail.
one      $5
two       $10
3-4        $15
5-6        $20
7-10      $30 IMG_20201111_182650_424 265924591_4679351165484952_5713875598835284780_n

Advanced Art Sets

Short $110
Medium-Long $115
Xtra Long $120
XXXtra Long $130 IMG_20201224_071140_831 IMG_20201027_133149_388


This sturdy, durable acrylic enhancement is custom made and designed per request. Prices are based on length and shape and whether or not the previous permanemt design needs to be taken down or just maintained.


Refill on growth only with minor fixes, length or shape adjusting


      Natural      $55       45mins 
  Short             $60      60mins
Medium-Long    $70      70+mins

Add Gel Polish     $15      80+mins

*Additional Nail Art priced per Nail*

265352284_486628379427020_5185333847000869796_n 266213677_2015411528640027_8671813688767074353_n

New Acrylic Sets 

New Sculpted Acrylic Set on bare nails which includes any custom encapsulated design. This is a demi permanent acrylic nail design until removed. It can be filled next time!
Includes a matte or glossy finish

Overlay                      $70        70+mins
      Short                     $100       90+ mins
Medium – Long           $150        2+ hours

*Additional external Art priced per Nail*


IMG_20211126_110340_132 IMG_20211126_110340_207


12234884_866675823446166_5690415236881840671_n 12243135_866675810112834_5740412786507546880_n

Inlay Acrylic Art Changes

Removal of previous nail art design with unlimited colour, encased glitter and inlay choices. This is a permanent nail that can be filled next time. The design is built within the nail.

       $70    60+mins
Short            $80     75+ mins
Medium         $100    80+ mins
Long         $120      2hrs
Long – Intricate  $140     2+hrs
Long  – Advanced   $150    2.5+hrs

cropped-20190711_204616.jpg IMG_20210114_133256_534

Removal with New Gel Sets Included

Acrylic/Gel Removal $35

Taking a break from nails? Have your nails properly removed to avoid damage.


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What can I expect going to a home based nail salon?

Most people prefer it! Everything that is happening is just for you! Our Studio is very welcoming with lots of nail art on display and drawers of glitter and jewels to look through. I have personally made over 500 colours myself and have recently bought over 300 new colours. The possibilities are truly endless! Every visit you’ll notice something different. You must like dogs, as our studio dog will sucker you for some love and fresh nail scratches!

What is the difference between gel and acrylic nails?

It really comes down to preference! I first started to get acrylics to stop chewing my natural nails and then fell in love with the art. I now am obsessed with Gel X Nails because I am no longer the cake maker, I am now the cake decorator and I’m really enjoying the ever changing journey my Nail Business has taken me. I actually used to despise Gel, but now I love and appreciate it for so many reasons!