What is a Gel X Service?

Gel-X extensions have the malleability of a soft gel polish and the length of an acrylic nail. The extension is applied directly on top of your full natural nail and can be worn up to 6 weeks.
Gel X nails comes with various length and sizes you can pick from including short, medium, long, stiletto, coffin, round, or square shapes. And what's super awesome, is that you can easily switch up the length and shape each appointment!

How long does a Gel X Nail last?

Gel-X nails will quickly win you over with how long they can last! These nails can go up to 3-6 weeks without any lifting. You will probably only notice the growth at the base of your nail after wearing the extensions for over 2 weeks! Clients love how light and natural they feel over an acrylic nail.

How does the Gel service differ from Acrylic?

Gel X services include a brand new gel nail each time. A removal is required either by booking one or removing them yourself at home with acetone. The New Set Service includes application of solid or glitter gel colours. We have over 380 gel colours to choose from. The way this service works is the art is applied after the nail is finished. Therefore any choice of art is an addition to the included colour. Art is priced per nail and includes the following categories: Chrome, Marble, Flakes, Glitter (raw), Hand Painting, Embellishments etc. Art is priced $2-5 per nail depending on required product and technique.
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Are Gel-X extensions safe?

With any nail service there's a possibility of damage to your natural nail. From our experience we feel that the risk of a natural nail injury while rocking a Gel X Nail is significantly reduced when switching from a hard acrylic to a soft Gel! We haven't seen any damage caused from Gel X Nails, however if you pick off your extensions you most definitely will cause damage to your natural nails. Please ensure proper removal is always being done.

How are Gel-X extensions removed?

Gel X Nails are made of Gel, specifically a soak off Gel.  First remove any length. The top coat (and potentially the colour) needs to be filed off prior to soaking the rest of the tips.  *To minimize damage, you should seek a professional for proper removal of your extensions* however if you have to remove them yourself it can be done with a file and acetone. Whatever you do, don't rip off your tips. Doing so can cause damage and weaken the natural nail underneath. We personally use a steam off technique so that you don't actually submerge your fingers in acetone. We place your fingers into a machine that steams the acetone which basically causes the Gel to dissolve into a gummy like nail that can then be lightly scraped or filed off. Once removed, a new Gel X Nail is then applied and is instantly ready to be decorated!
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