Getting The Gallery Set Up!

Well I’ve spent a few hours now going through 2000 pictures. I find it kind of fun looking back at what I used to create. I have simmered down quite a lot after having a baby – definitely didn’t see that coming. I mean I LOVE doing nails…. It’s just these first few years of her precious life will never come again and never will she learn this much so quickly. So I made the decision ti cut back from 65 clients down to 20+… But anyway, it’s fun looking back at the pictures and picking out the sets that stand out to me (and fit my category criteria). Luckily there were a few 100 I didn’t even need to go through because the lighting was so bad… (New Techs, invest in a great Day Light ASAP!!!) It was fun remembering all my clients along the way… To see them grow with confidence in eventually allowing their nails stand out, to the ones that always did pink time after time, then that one set where they tried a new colour- and Voila, no more pink haha. There were a few fingers I remembered doing for years but couldn’t put a name to it which I found kind of interesting (Let’s blame it on the mommy brain! – which is a REAL THING!). I’m very excited to launch my new site. I remember the first journal entry I wrote it… it went a little something like this- “Well here it goes, I bought some nail product (DIY Walmart Acrylic kit). Let’s see how this goes!” I really wish I journal’d more. So here’s me writing down  few lines. Who knows if anyone will read this, but it will be a fun little adventure and good memories for me to look back on. Poor Charlie. She was up the whole time while I was going through pictures. Finally at 11:30pm I cuddled her in the dog bed in the dining room where I’m working and away she drifted into her dreams. She had a nice long day 🙂 I’ll probably stay up til 2am like I have been, gettin’ er done!
Until Next Time….