What is a Gel X Service

Gel-X extensions are a soft, flexible gel nail extension that are perfectly pre made ahead of time. (They visually look like a press-on or glue-on nail.) They are not made of plastic and are not applied with glue. Each client gets uniquely sized depending on shape and style desired. The pre sculpted Gel X extension […]

What can I expect going to a home based nail salon?

Most people prefer it! Everything that is happening is just for you! Our Studio is very welcoming with lots of nail art on display, drawers of glitter to go through and endless amounts of colours to choose from. You must like dogs, as our studio dog will sucker you for some love! My daughter has her […]

How long will it take?

Each service is customized to each client. I never want to rush. I generally know how long each individual client will take after 2 appointments and understanding the style of nail you enjoy.Fills range from 35-60 minsSince 2020 I have revamped my services to include a quicker and more efficient method.A new simple art set […]

FYIs Things to know!

CONFIRMATION TEXT: As per my policies, a confirmation text is sent out 2 days before your appointment. I require you to respond to that message so I know you’re going to show up! ART/DECALS/JEWELS: I have LOTS of art options that can be applied after your nails are sculpted. If you plan on checking out […]