Foils & Flakes

We are constantly keeping with current nail trends and are experts in a variety of glitter techniques. From Gel to Acrylic - from raw glitter to reflective glitter. We have it all and have more than you could imagine. The possibilities are custom and infinite!

Both Matte & Glossy options are available in any colour!

Iridescent Flakes

Chrome Flakes

Transfer Foils

Transfer Foils work by applying a sticky gel to the nail and attaching the image to the sticky nail. The nail design is then top coated.

Not Sure What to Get? Transfer Foils are a great way to choose a design by seeing it first.

Gold Transfer Foil Dusting

Gold Foil Flakes

Gold Flakes are a great way to add a hint of glam to any set! Simply accent a colour or use it to finish off a design.


Silver Foils & Flakes

Holographic Silver Transfer Foil