Invigorate & Elevate, Exclusive with Amy [ $111/2hr]

Are you wanting to learn anything and everything NAILS! Want to know the quickest and easiest way to a successful nail career? This private class is taught on a one on one basis to ensure quality training without having to share the educator’s time with a group or other students. We work at your pace, and the class is completely custom to your needs and desires! Want to play with product before committing to the idea? Want to talk business? Products? Why Gel X? Whatever you desire, the entire time is all about teaching you! You can even leave with a new set of nails…! Whatever you want, we will make it happen!

This custom nail mentoring is bookable online

(2 hour minimum)


Is Your Price Right? [ $50 ]
Not sure where to begin with what to charge? Is it time to adjust your pricing?  This class is all about pricing. What are you worth and what will you charge?


The Basics
This course is designed to help you become a competent beginner nail technician, for your own enjoyment. It will be taught using classroom instruction, a manual, as well as practical experience. Your input is key!


Electric Filing Training 
Feel more confident and increase your speed with hands on electric filing training including perfecting prep work. There will also be a mini shapes and structure demo.


Acrylic Art 
Set your nails apart from the ordinary and earn more money doing so. We will go over the basics of learning how to perfect your cuticle work along with application and speed. Discover how easy it is to inlay nail art and create depth to your designs. Create unique nails that will get your clients talking.


Introductory Salon Art 101 
Jazz up your salon nails and take them to the next level with easy gel paint art. Get inspired and learn the thought process behind creating new designs. Discover the ease of creating customized animal print, flowers, marbling, two toned, French and non-traditional French.


Salon Art 102 
This class is designed for intermediate nail techs looking for some quick and easy new salon art ideas. Get the ball rolling with 3D painted on salon art, holiday designs including wearable snow globes/beach gems, inlay art, textured art, water colour style art and more!


Power Mixing Workshop 
This class is designed for nail techs eager to learn the infinite possibilities of mixing! Focusing mainly on Elite Beauty Supplies Power Gel, nail techs will gain the knowledge and confidence to mix our gels with pigments, glitters, paints, gel paints, and how to transform your nail Polish into long lasting gel Polish. Acrylic available too.


Creative Gel Workshop 
This class is a combination of Power Mixing and Salon Art 101 & 102, and more! A jam packed workshop designed to motivate and inspire. Learn how to create custom salon style nails with gel. Advance your skills and learn how to quickly add 3D and textured elements to your design. This class can be fully customized and tailor made just for you with one on one training.


Fantasy Gel/Acrylic
Have you ever wanted to make something amazing out of gel or acrylic and just don’t know where to start? This class is one on one and designed to help show you the path from idea to creating a masterpiece. Spend the day with me and we will create anything you want! Bring your idea or we can come up with one together!


UV & Odorless Acrylic Demo
See how Elites UV Monomer combines the strength of an acrylic system with the bonding of a gel system. Discover the convenience of using this monomer when you see it cured with a UV lamp.
Get your hands on Elites Odorless Monomer and discover the joy of no odor. See how the slight tacky layer following the cure minimizes the amount of dust while finishing the nail with resin. Advanced nail techs can finish the nail with no shape filing; light buff & top coat.


Bling on the Embellishments! 
Not quite sure where to start when it comes to those crazy Bling’d out 3D nails you keep seeing? In this demo class you will learn how to apply crystals using Elites Resin that will last through each service and how to adhere long lasting nail jewelry using acrylic. You will be shown how to create salon style 3D embellishments including beach nails with sand, jewelry & bubbles, flowers, leaves, bows, jewelry stones, snow globes and more!