*Square & Round shapes only *

Colour Swap +/or
Natural Gel Manicure 

Application of up to 2 ready made colours

Simple Art w/strength $40
Art Design w/ Strength $50
*See A La Carte Art Add Ons*

Natural Acrylic Fill 
$52   45mins

Refill on growth only with natural colour

Natural Acrylic Art Change 
$65   60mins

Removal of permanent design with unlimited colour and glitter choices

New Acrylic Set  $80   70 mins

Short/Natural Sculpted Acrylic set with simple art



This soft gel extension is
designed for instantaneous results. No odor, no dust, no sculpting - perfect extensions in half the time.

Removal   $15   Gel X can be easily soaked off at home to save some money if desired.

Application *$40 Special includes a limited choice of colours.

Application with Colour $50

Encapsulation/Extra Strength +$10

*See A La Carte Art Add Ons*



Acrylic Fill   $57   60mins

Refill on growth only with any colour
Length adjusting on square only

Fill with Gel Polish   $65   75mins

Gel or Acrylic refill on growth only with minor length & shape adjusting
Application of any desired gel colour.

Acrylic Art Change   $80    90mins

Partial removal of permanent design with unlimited colour & glitter choices
Square, Round or Almond shape
Short - Medium length

Simple Acrylic Art Change $70 75mins

New Acrylic Art Set  $90

Sculpted set with unlimited colour and glitter choices.This is a permanent design until removed. Any shape, includes short - medium length with a matte or glossy finish.



ALL INCLUSIVE service booked by BUDGET!
Permanent design removal and/or New GelX Set
Any choice of the latest nail trends including ALL A La Carte Add Ons!!

  • 1-1.5hrs--------------$75-100
  • 1.5-2hrs--------------$100+
  • 2+hrs------------------$120+

*This is a special appointment based on my judgement. This service is best if you don't know what to do, or you have an insta photo you want to recreate.

Please announce this is the service you'd like upon booking. This service is only available in the evening.

A LaCarte Add Ons 

See Salon for details