FYIs Things to know!

As per my policies, I send out a confirmation text the day before your appointment. I require you to respond to that message so I know you’re going to show up!(all you need to reply with is an emoji πŸ˜ƒ)
You must respond before midnight.
Sometimes I have a wait-list and if I do not hear from you by midnight I may give your spot to someone who I know will for sure show up.

The majority of my clients are prdictible with how long the service takes. Therefore I have stopped booking extra “just in case time.” I am able to get more people into my day by booking back to back. In the past I always booked extra time, but I am working less now so I try to get the most out of my work days. So if you plan to get something out of the ordinary, like gems & jewels, a new set for clear nails, or any other external art that you don’t normally get… it’s best to give me a heads up at the appointment before, or at the very least, when I confirm your appointment. I would hate to say no to crystals due to a lack of booking enough time! Also, keep in mind if you’re late you might be restricted to a fill or a “simple” no art set. Boo

I have LOTS of art options that can be applied after I have sculpted your nails. If you plan on getting something extra afterwards, please ask to look through the options WHILE I do your nails, not after. It saves a lot of time! Also, know that 97% of my jewels are on my website to scroll through. > Also a smart idea to look through different Art options to get inspiration for a different set πŸ˜‰

I generally charge for “Stiletto” based on the time it takes me to do a set. If it takes more than 90 minutes I will most likely charge. I do a lot of hand filing to establish the desired shape that I cannot accomplish with my electric file, so it takes more time. If you are concerned with this, please let me know you would like to avoid the Stiletto charge when I ask you if you want them shorter or not.

I charge by service type/time (short/natural nails = 60-70min) & (Art change=75-90+mins) I do not charge by (sculpted) design or colours. So if you get one colour, it is the same price as 6+ colours/glitters. The extra charges come from external art like hand painting, decals, studs, foils, jewels, rhinestones, 3D etc. Any questions, or concerns, please ask prior to choosing your new set 😚.

According to my lingo, a “fill” is where we just “fill” the growth. Meaning everything else stays the same and all we do is fill the gap of where your nails have grown out. (I have 2 fill prices: 30-45 mins receive a $5 discount, all other fills are a standard $57) When we “fill” you nails, you can use a different colour to switch up the look. We can also do various things to make your new set look different then the last such as painting a gel colour on top, adding stamps, decals, chrome, glitter ect. (Keep in mind art, gel and other external art will cost extra).

Everyone loves Calle. I know its hard not to, she grew up in the studio and adores your attention! Please be aware that when I prep your nails, they are prepped for an application that will last a month, if you get oils on you freshly prepped nails, the product will not adhere properly and you will have issues, so keep that in mind when giving her love (use your palm or ask for her doggy brush >no scratches).
Also when I apply crystals, I am using glue, and it most likely is not dry until I am done your service. So if you get sucked into giving her a pet while I am using glue -you will most likely get dog hair all over! (Best just to sit and get your nails done!)

Please make plans to eat before or after your appointment
It’s unfair to both me and Calle who might of skipped lunch. Not to mention, I am working on your hands and need them! If you are in a starvation situation, please ask to take a sec to fill the void prior to us starting. Smoothies and drinks are totally fine!

Some clients are skeptical on how far they can go into the UV/LED Nail Lamp. There are actually little grooves where your fingertips touch, so if you don’t feel them, you can go further in. PLEASE guide your hand slowly and carefully into the lamp so you don’t hit them on the lamp and cause imperfections in the gel. There should be zero discomfort when your hand is in the light. Some people do have sensitive nail beds, so if you feel heat please let me know so we can avoid it! 😊
Also, sometimes depending on how you’ve placed your hand, the outerside of your thumb might not get enough light and not cure properly causing a dull spot. Try to adjust your thumbs so they receive proper light. Any questions about this, please ask me.

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