This soft gel extension is
designed for instantaneous results. No odor, no dust, no sculpting - perfect extensions in half the time.

New Gel X Sets      XLong-XXL

One Colour $65                $75
Two+ Colours $70             $80
                                          XXXL +$5

Custom Colour/Strength +$5

Gel Removal $10






Natural Acrylic Fill 
$52   45mins

Refill on growth only with natural colour

Acrylic Fill   $60   60mins

Refill on growth only with any colour
Length adjusting on square only

Fill with Gel Polish   $65   75mins

Gel or Acrylic refill on growth only with minor length & shape adjusting
Application of any 1 desired gel colour.

*Additional external Art priced per Nail*

Permanent Acrylic Art Changes

Short & Natural
           $65          60+mins
Simple Art                 $75-85      80+ mins

Removal of permanent design with unlimited colour and glitter choices. This is a permanent nail that can be filled next time.

Encapsulated Acrylic Designs  $111

Removal of previous permanent design with a New Sculpted Set which includes any custom encapsulated design. This is a permanent acrylic nail design until removed. It can be filled next time!

Any shape, includes short - long length with a matte or glossy finish


*Additional external Art priced per Nail*


Acrylic Removal $20

*Level 1 Nail Art $2/Nail*

Foil, Mermaid Glitter, Chrome, Gold Flake, Stamps, Decals, Holo Glitter, Marble Inks, Metal Shapes & Studs, Chunky Glitter Fades.
Simple Hand Painted Art: Polka Dots, Flowers, Lines, Hearts, Animal Print


*Level 2 Nail Art $3/Nail*

French Tips, Ombre Colours, Galaxy & Sky Nails, Encapsulations, 3D Art & Inlays, Pixies, Nail Jewels.
Abstract Hand Painted Art: TyeDye, Colour Blending, Marble Gel, 70's Swirls, Logos