Now Offering Online Booking!

Please Read Before Your 1st Appointment

I now have online booking!
Please use the program to book your future appointments. It will allow you to book 30 days in advance.
My online booking program will send out a confirmation text 2 days before your appointment. Please confirm you will be there.
I suggest booking an appointment sooner than later. If you need to change your appointment, I kindly ask that you give me a couple days notice so that I have time to re book it and not miss out on my chance to work.
I require a 35+ hour (more than just the day before your apt) notice for a cancellation and/or appointment changes. Last minute cancellation/changes will result in a $20 fee required before your next appointment.

-No shows will not be tolerated-
(I understand "life happens" so if it was a glitch and you'd like to continue being my client, there will be a $40 no show fee)
If you message me 10 minutes before your appointment needing to cancel due to a good reason, there will be a $20 last min cancellation when you've previously confirmed.

Upon booking your first appointment I will require a non refundable $20 deposit. THIS WILL BE PUT TOWARDS YOUR FIRST SERVICE. I require this deposit for same day bookings as well. Failure to give proper cancellation/apt change notice (35+ hours) will result in your $20 deposit being used for the $20 fee and will not be returned to you. For your deposit I accept eTransfers. Please send the deposit after reading through my policies. Thank you for understanding.
(eTransfer: )

** I accept Cash  and etransfer**
I have a detailed price list under my "Services" tab,
any Questions, please feel free to send me a message.
I am set up for auto deposit etransfers. Please send me the payment sometime the same day. Failure to do so will result in cash only next time.

Most clients go 3 -6 weeks in between fills.
Your nails are an investment an you need to take care of them. When your nails grow out, so does the reinforcement I build. Your nails are more likely to break if you wait too long. Everyone is different in how long they can go in between fills. Lifestyle, length, growth rate, shape etc all play a part. I can let you know how long you can go.

2020 gave me the opportunity to re look at my business and services offered.  I have since fallen in love with a service I refer to as "Gel X."
I therefore am no longer offering LONG SCULPTED ACRYLIC SETS.
I am working 1/5 of what I used to and will also be limiting the more intricate inlay-ed designs.
I am trying to keep services times to 60-90 minutes. I am not offering 2+ hour art sets at the moment.
If you are concerned about options I recommend sending me a few inspo pics so that I can ensure you know what I'm referring to.

I am no longer booking back to back clients. This means that I am not in the Nail Studio before or after your appointment.
(I am usually running around making sure my toddler is occupied while I work).
I ask that you do not arrive early. If you are early, GREAT! Please call or text me letting me know you are here. I will let you know when everything is clean and I am ready.
If the universe is against you and has caused you to be run late, please let me know you're running behind with as much notice as you can. Please don't message me 5 minutes before your appointment telling me you're 20 minutes late. (Remember I'm balancing work with a toddler ❤ )

Please be advised that I have a very friendly Studio dog. I ask that you do not knock on the nail room door, just walk in.
Please don't acknowledge her until she is calm. We are working on eliminating barking!

If my policies are too much for you or you have any concerns, I understand please just let me know.

Thank you very much!
❤ Diamond Nails Studio ❤

Gel-X extensions are a soft, flexible gel nail extension that are perfectly pre made ahead of time. (They visually look like a press-on or glue-on nail.) They are not made of plastic and are not applied with glue. Each client gets uniquely sized depending on shape and style desired. The pre sculpted Gel X extension is then applied directly on top of your full natural nail using a special formulated Gel. The service starts at a base price of $40 (if you’re satisfied with one of the preset colours) However you can at this point prep the extension for a more fun freestyle, customized art design & service!

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