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I have now opened up ONLINE BOOKING!
Please use this feature to Book all your future appointments.

How it works:
The Online Booking algorithm allows one appointment a day to be booked.
The year 2020 has brought on a lot of changes. I unfortunately do not have child care anymore, so I am only working once a day in the morning.
Appointment times are Mon-Friday from 9am-11am (can do earlier upon request).
This works best for my business and family. My toddler will most likely be home during your appointment. I try to keep her busy while I work, however I appreciate your understanding for when she does make an appearance. (She has her own nail desk)
This is a huge part as to why I’m limiting appointments to once a day, in the morning.
Please know and understand that my work schedule is very limited right now.
My Booking program allows appointments to be booked 30 days in advance. I suggest booking as soon as possible. You can always change your appointment later, or possibly I can switch you with another day that someone else has booked.
I do have a babysitter once in awhile, usually Thursday nights and am therefore able to work back to back (2 appointments).
I would like the evenings to be used for Acrylic sets. Since my daughter isn’t home, its the best time since they’re a longer appointment and because of the dust and odor.
(Booking Online still only allows 1/day so its likely there might be a 630pm ish spot open if you msg me)
If the morning is available, that means I do not have anyone booked (only book 1/day). You can message me asking if a later time is possible that day. I just don’t want to make a habit of working outside my schedule, so whatever you can do to make my schedule work is very appreciative, and I’ll do what I can to accommodate you too!

I appreciate all of you that are able to make our schedules work!
I sometime get “opportunities” to work. So if I message you wondering if you’d like to come today, no stress if you do or don’t, I’m just trying to take advantage of a work opportunity! These “tentative appointments” are last minute (1-5 hours notice) and are based on our daily activities and mood! And I’ve learnt some people prefer this! I recommend having an appointment, and then letting me know that “if something comes up-to let you know!”

Please read through my policies upon booking:)
Please familiarize yourself with our current Covid protocols

Gel X

Gel & Acrylic Nails


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